MAÁT: The symbolic representation of Maát as a human figure with outreached hands and wings, is the Netcher of the weighing of the soul in ancient Kemet. The heart of the deceased was believed to be the seat of the soul and it was weighed on the scale of the Netcher Maát, against a feather, which represented the principles of truth and righteousness (the seven cardinal virtues). This symbolic weighing of the heart against the feather of truth (Maát) was performed to establish the righteousness of the deceased. The scale of Maát was balanced after the recitation of the "42" Declarations of Innocence or Admonitions of Maát. pg. 91, NVCTC.

The Neophyte or students ultimate aim in Kemet was for a person to become "one with their higher selves." The path to the development of divine qualities was through the development of virtue, but virtue could only be achieved through special study and effort. According to George G. M. James in his timeless work Stolen Legacy writes: The following of the 10 virtues were sought by the Neophyte in ancient Kemet. In the final analysis, the ancient Kemites sought Maát or to be more correct they sought to become one with Maát, the cosmic order.


(1). Control of thoughts

(2). Control of actions

(3). Devotion of purpose

(4). Have faith in the ability of [your] [teacher] to teach [you] the truth.

(5). Have faith in [yourself] to assimilate the truth

(6). Have faith in [themselves] to wield the truth

(7). Be free from resentment under the experience of persecution.

(8). Be free from resentment under the experience of wrong.

(9). Cultivate the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and

(10). Cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal

Admonitions of Maát
(Concepts for Living in Balance)



1:   I honor virtue
2:   I benefit with gratitude
3:   I am peaceful
4:   I respect what belongs to others
5:   I affirm that all life is sacred
6:   I give offerings that are genuine
7:   I live in truth
8:   I regard all altars with respect
9:   I speak with sincerity
10: I consume only my fair share
11: I offer words of good intent
12: I relate in peace
13: I honor animals with reverence
14: I can be trusted
15: I care for the Earth
16: I keep my own council
17: I speak positively of others
18: I balance my emotions
19: I am trustful in my relationships
20: I hold purity in high esteem
21: I spread joy


22: I do the best I can
23: I communicate with compassion
24: I listen to opposing opinions
25: I create harmony
26: I invoke laughter
27: I am open to love
28: I am forgiving
29: I am kind
30: I am respectful to others
31: I am accepting
32: I follow my inner guidance
33: I converse with awareness
34: I do good
35: I give more than I take
36: I keep the waters pure
37: I give praise
38: I speak with good intent
39: I keep modesty
40: I achieve with integrity
41: I advance using my abilities
42: I embrace the All