Our School

The Assata approach implements strategies that empower students through self-esteem, self-reliance and increased knowledge and appreciation for African-American culture and its relevance in today's society. Assata is a holistic, student-centered at-risk program with small class sizes for students who are behind in credits and academic skill levels. We do have uniforms and our dress code is strictly enforced. Before- and after-school tutoring is available in all subject areas. Assata's educational component is designed to integrate historic contributions and experiences of African-Americans into the daily curriculum as a means to expand both subject and content knowledge needed to overcome credit deficiencies. 

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Vision

The Assata approach implements culturally relevant strategies that empower students through self-esteem, self reliance, increased knowledge and appreciation for African American culture and its relevance today. We also implement a value system of Ma'at, a Kemetic moral compass, as our core guide that drives our school-wide practices. Our vision is to deliver a curriculum that is fundamental to students AT-RISK. Our curriculum gives them the opportunities needed to overcome academic deficiencies, social and emotional barriers. We empower them to reach their highest potential while satisfying their desire to be a valuable asset in the community. 

Our Story

Assata High School's was founded in January 1992 as an alternative school in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for AT-RISK youth.