In Art classes we focus on what we as students bring to the learning environment. We explore that, question that and express that through our art. The artifacts you see presented here showcase these explorations of personal consciousness, social consciousness, and historical consciousness. We are creators and co-creators of our learning.

African American Literature Poetic Drawi


In ELA classes we focus on contemporary literary selections from African and African American authors, foundational skills in all communication arts, and literature of protest.

Test Tubes


In Science classes, we study the fascinating worlds of biological structure, the physical and chemical components of the inorganic world, and, lastly the world in between, through our studies of the environment.

Camel and Pyramids


In ALL Mathematics classes, we focus on the core standards for each subject.  The amazing thing is that we take those core standards and translate them into methods and processes by which students can discover how the concepts they are learning translate to their everyday life situations in which they encounter the same math problems.

Athletic Woman


As the Health & Physical Education Teacher, My Goal is for the students to understand the importance of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness which are educational, emotional, physical, occupational, financial, environmental, and spiritual.

Black Pattern on White Fabric


In History classes we approach historical learning through various lenses, including Afro-centrism. We relate our present day lives to history's events, present, past, and possible futures.